Welcome and thanks for your interest!

My name is Dr. Rodolfo I. Hermans, and probably I can help with your project.

I'm a full-time researcher at University College London, but on occasion I perform external consultancies and give advice on other deserving projects.

I have experience and expertise in instrumentation design and development in the areas of optics, atomic force microscopy, cantilever MEMS and biophysics. Beyond my own research, I have successfully helped other researchers to build and troubleshoot state of the art experiments in order to achieve the highest quality data acquisition.

Among my qualifications, I have a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Columbia University in the City of New York, a prestigious Ivy League university ranking between 8 and 13 of the best universities in the world and a M.Sc. from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, among the first 10 Latin-American Universities. I'm comfortable working in high-demand environments both in English and Spanish.